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Atman and Paramatman

How God Can Be Cognized/Atman and Paramatman

Atman and Paramatman

Atman is not some structure of the organism. Atman is a general term denoting the Main Essence of man. In the literal translation, Atman means non-darkness, that is light. Atman is Brahman: the subtlest Divine Fire-Light, Divine Consciousness acting in the Creation. Sometimes the term Atman is used to denote the Creator in His Abode. There is also the Atmic energy called kundalini; one has to become acquainted with it in order to learn to merge with the Atmic Consciousness [22].

There is also the word Paramatman — the Highest Atman, i.e. the Atman of the Absolute. It is the Creator.

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How God Can Be Cognized
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